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Worship Life Church

Presence. Equip. Community.

Worship Life Church exists to bring people into an encounter and intimate relationship with Jesus.  We are a community of believers passionately pursuing His presence and desire to see His agenda invade the earth.

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Check out our most recent times of worship and messages here.  We pray that they impact your life! 

Presence Driven

The heartbeat of Worship Life  is to create a space for God to dwell.  Worship Life is built around the presence of God, and contending for revival in the earth. Out of that reality our desire is to encounter Him and  equip believers to fulfill their purpose.

A Place to Call Family

The Worship Life community extends far and wide.  Whether in person or virtually, we believe that there is no distance in the spirit and the same tangible presence of God we experience in person can meet you right where you are!  We'd love to stay connected with you.  Fill out the contact form below to stay in touch.